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Giz a Job! Kidnapper Demands Work Contract

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Although not quite in the manner that Yosser Hughes (young people may have to ask a grown up) may have adopted in his quest for work, the forcefulness of one man´s request led to his arrest.

“You give me 10,000 euro or only 5,000 but you get me a work contract in your company.” They were the two options that a kidnapper offered to a businessman from Valdepeñas (Ciudad Real) who had been detained in his home.

The kidnapper, who has been detained by the National Police for extortion and illegal detention, had contacted the victim, whom he knew. After convincing him to go together to a house, he held him there against his will, to which he showed his victim a gun, whilst making his demands in order for him to be released.

The businessman finally agreed to option 1, to pay him 10,000 euro, and they both agreed in the delivery point being at an industrial estate in the city.

However, in a bizarre twist that nobody could have predicted (!), when the kidnapper showed up at the agreed place, the police were already there waiting for him. The man was promptly arrested by the police who then searched his home and found the gun used in the kidnapping.

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