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Serial Shop Lifters Arrested

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Officers from the National Police in Benidorm have been busy this week, this time arrested two people, aged 29 and 41 and of Spanish and Ecuadorian nationality respectively, believed to be responsible for thefts from at least 17 shops in Benidorm.

It´s not the first time the pair have faced justice, as they already have 46 records for similar offences, this time nabbing around 8,000 euro worth of goods.

The police in Benidorm had launched a special campaign to try to reduce the amount of shop lifting offences in the town, and these arrests are part of the results of that campaign.

The police have been working closely with local traders since the start of the year, believing that many of the offences are not random, and are pre-arranged and organised, following similar patterns which can be broken.

All of the shops had been chosen with considerable care and attention given to the security devices in place, the type of goods that can be easily sold on, and even monitoring staff movements such as lunch breaks, to take advantage of vulnerabilities.

This time, the pair face another 17 charges to add to their already plump record, and will face the courts once again to answer to the allegations.

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